Monday, February 16, 2009

More PJ's for #1

I made these a while back but did not have time to take a pic or blog about it until now. I made it for #1, who always seems to be delighted at whatever I make for him. I know as he grows older, hand made things will become passe so I should enjoy it while it lasts. It's very gratifying when he is so pleased with my gifts for him.

The boys and I have the day off for President's Day, so I'm responsible for the very mediocre quality of the pic. You can probably tell the difference between my photos, taken with a little Canon Elph, and the ones my husband takes, which are much much nicer in quality and composition.

Oh, almost forgot, the fabric is Alexander Henry's "tumbleweeds." The pattern is the same I used for the monkey PJ's a while back, an old Simplicity pattern that I modified by adding the bias strip/piping. Alexander Henry is fast becoming one of my favorite fabric designers. I also bought this recently but haven't decided what I want to do with it yet. It's called "toadstools," I have two yards, purchased at Fabric Depot during one of the monthly 35% off sales, making it about $7+/- per yard.

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